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Welcome to the Dingoo A320 wiki

Linux for Dingoo

A developer who goes by the name of Booboo has ported a linux kernel to run on the Dingoo A320. The idea is to eventually replace the official firmware with an open OS which makes development easier, and the porting of games which already exist much easier. (basically any linux program could be ported; so long as it runs well enough on the hardware and can be controlled well by the dingoo's gamepad-style buttons)

Many games already have been ported for DINGUX including DUKE3D, DOOM, Heretic, Hexen, SuperTransball2, OpenTyrian, OpenLiero, Blockrage, Reminiscence, Rise of The Triad, Spout (etc) as well as the emulators MAME, SCUMMVM, SNES9X, SMSPlus, PicoDrive, and GNUBoy.

Dingux. Linux for dingoo


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